Hub Themes

Hub Themes

TREMS is a network formed of key stakeholders to progress research and innovation towards a circular economy.

The network provides the framework to bring together all the stakeholders, broaden research and development and secure resources to address key challenges faced by all the companies and individuals working in the managing, recycling and utilization of waste materials.

The TREMS hub is based around five themes.
Combined these themes will:

  • Change Practice
  • Reduce Contamination
  • Inform Evidence Based Standards and Guidelines and,
  • Build Supply Chain Confidence.
Theme 1) Social change and smart design to minimise waste
Theme 2) Optimised processing of recovered resources and waste to energy
Theme 3) Smart materials, products and solution development
Theme 4) Field trials, case studies, and smart waste precinct
Theme 5) Enablers and drivers

Circular economy oriented analysis and design for energy-saving materials and structures